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Softsvit Ltd working in Ukrainian market of polymeric packaging since 1997. Our company enjoys a first-class reputation and our products are exported to many countries. We are successfully dealing with the best companies of Ukraine, producer of food and chemical industries.
Softsvit Ltd is the good quality of production, reliability of the company and the big variety of the polymer packing.
Production and selling of the polymeric packaging by injection casting. Polypropylene containers from 160 ml till 1000 ml, polypropylene pails from 770 ml till 33 l, polyethylene boxes of the capacity from 10 l up to 670 l.
The modern design and the quality (ISO 9001/2000) of our production can meet all the quality demands in the market of the packing materials: appropriate European standarts and requirements, termoresistance (from - 40 till + 90 C).
The high quality of the materials and the observance of all technical standarts can guarantee the possibility of using our production both in building materials (paint, building liquid mixture, ground, etc.) and in food industry (fish, tomato sauce, dairy products, mayonnaise, etc.).
Also we have possibility of offsetting colored printing.
Packing is intended for storage, transportation and realization in a trading network of chemical products and in the food-processing industry.

Ltd. "SOFTSVIT" - founded in 1997, is a modern, rapidly growing company, in which the basic principles of work is high professionalism.
SoftSvit LLC

Production and sale of plastic injection molding packaging
Sale of irrigation equipment
Processing of natural and artificial stone
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